Things I love:

Free refills of soda. Bad news for the Diet Coke habit I’m trying to break.

Bags of peeled baby carrots at the supermarket. Good news for snack-time!

People who aren’t too cool to be enthusiastic. There’s hardly any studied cynicism, that I’ve encountered at least.

The beautiful Old Hollywood buildings in the most unlikely places.

Umami burger. Just because.

Target and it’s cheap, wonderful homewares. Thank you for semi-furnishing our apartment.

How accepting people are of pets – dogs are allowed everywhere

How veggo friendly menus are here. Quinoa and kale are practically mainstream.

The sense that wherever we are, something was filmed/someone famous lived just around the corner.

Home delivery. Of everything: alcohol, salami, yoga mats. EVERYTHING.

Things I definitely don’t love:

The coffee. I never realised how lucky I was to have great coffee right by my office. Now I can only dream of it.

The bread. WTF is with all the sugar in your bread, America? Why couldn’t I find any bread that didn’t taste like cake IN THE ENTIRE SUPERMARKET?

The traffic. Not always terrible, but always unpredictable.

Not having my friends around to make me laugh. I miss everyone.Image


Mrs C x