The number one question everyone’s been asking us (after “The green card lottery is REAL?!”) is how we’re feeling. To be honest, I don’t know! How are you supposed to feel about leaving Sydney, a great job and all my friends and family for a city that’s always sunny, could make Mikey’s career and which has Anthropologies, J. Crews and Urban Outfitters out the wazoo? My answer is usually, “Excited, but also terrified,” and for the record, yes we’ve found a place to live, no we don’t have full time jobs yet and we leave Tuesday. Yes, tomorrow.

Oh, the stomach flips are there alright. I can’t wait to get to Los Angeles, to nest in our apartment, embark on my freelance career (and, let’s face it, work in stretchy pants) and to discover everything the city has to offer. But when I think about what I’m leaving behind… Well, that’s when the flips turn into lurches. It’s sad to say goodbye, which is why we’ve tried to focus on the future and say our goodbyes as see you soons. But we couldn’t pass up the chance to have a big fat farewell party, even if it meant, well, saying farewell.

To everyone who decorated offices, raised toasts, showered us in flowers, cake and well wishes: thank you. To those who came to say goodbye in the only way we know how – with copious amount of hotdogs, hamburgers and American Icon costumes – you’re the bestest. See you soon!